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Booking, Payment And Conditions

How do I book and what happens with cancellations?
Booking Process
  1. Please fill out and submit the booking inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
  2. We will reply to confirm availability and include an invoice or if the dates you have requested are not available, we will make some alternative suggestions.
  3. Your booking will be confirmed by email upon receipt of a 50% deposit with the balance due 7 days prior to departure. Please see how, when and where to pay below.
  4. For trips booked at short notice, a cash payment of both the deposit and/or balance may be acceptable at departure – please check with us when making your booking.
  5. We will telephone you the day prior to departure or earlier for helicopter and multi-day trips, to arrange the finer details
Cancellations and Change of Dates
  • While we will endeavor to accommodate any changes to your itinerary and your booking dates at no extra cost, this is not always possible.
  • Deposits for cancellations within 28 of departure are non-refundable, for earlier cancellations you will receive a full refund.
  • On rare occasions, trips may be canceled at short notice due to extreme weather conditions though, in such circumstances, a full refund will be given.
How, Where and When Do I Pay?
Payment Options

Please use the links and information at the bottom of the booking form on each page of this website, using the following options…

  1. Using your PayPal account.
  2. Mastercard or Visa Card using Paypal. A PayPal account is not necessary, but please use the PayPal button at the bottom of the booking form and choose the credit card option.
  3. Direct bank credit to Riverstone Fly Fishing Account No. 15-3970-0091576-10
What About Heli Fishing, Multi Day Trips And Custom Itineraries?
Heli Fishing

The cost for a heli-trip will depend on the distance we have to fly. You can expect to pay between $800 and $1800 for return flights. To plan a helitrip or multiday trip please give us telephone call or email to discuss your needs.

Multi Day Trips And Custom Itineraries

All trips and prices can be adjusted to suit your itinerary. Some trips require more traveling time than others and therefore may be more suitable for multi-day adventures. We specialize in customizing your experience to your needs and existing commitments.

Can I bring friends, partner or kids?

For day trips you can bring one other fishing or non-fishing person with you and, the cost is the same as it would be for 1 angler. If you wish to bring a third fisherman you will pay an extra 50% of the total trip costs for two anglers. A third non-fishing angler costs $50.

Prices for multi-day and overnight camping trips for more than one person vary depending on the experience, please discuss this with us when making contact.

What About Photography?
Quality Images And Memories

As we don’t generally advocate for killing fish too often outside the Taupo and Rotorua Lakes fisheries, we understand that a good photo is often the best alternative memory. Riverstone Fly Fishing Guides will always make a concerted effort to capture some images from your trip, which we will send to you using either Dropbox or WhatsApp.

Copyright And Use Of Images

We reserve the right to use any photographs or video taken during the trip without the express written permission of those pictured and may use this content in any of our digital media, including our website and social media. If you do not wish to potentially appear in our media, please let us know prior to departure and that will be fine with us.

Experience And Expectations

Do I need experience and does it matter?
Ability Doesn’t Matter, Attitude Does

No, you don’t need any experience, we cater for skilled and novice anglers. Once you make an inquiry we will discuss this with you and work out a trip based on your skills and the type of experience you are seeking.

What should I expect from a typical day on the water?
Our day usually begins before dawn and being early can be a big factor in determining your success though depending on when and where we are fishing, sometimes a later start may be better. Expect to be on the water for 5-7 hours.

Some locations require a degree of walking while others we can simply drive to and walk a short distance. We always make the decision based on your ability, the experience desired and weather conditions. Depending on your location and where we are fishing our fishing guide will either meet you at your accommodation or at our destination.

Should I expect to catch fish and can I keep them?
It’s called ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching’, so there are no guarantees! There are many variables that determine the difference in catch rates – conditions, location, angler skill (and luck!) – but as guides, it’s a big part of our job to control or influence as many of those variables as we can. We do try our very best and rarely fail to catch something, and when the stars align we can have 20+ fish days!

Killing and keeping fish is both an environmental and ethical choice, all fisheries need to be sustainably managed. So that choice really depends on where we are fishing, the environment, and what level or harvesting the fishery is able to sustain.

In backcountry locations fish stocks are lower, growth usually slower and we will either recommend or mandate a catch and release policy, though usually killing one fish per angler will be acceptable. The Taupo fishery is overstocked and taking fish is no problem.

Other factors worth considering are that brown trout are generally less numerous, grow slower and do not generally make good eating. Trophy fish – if you wish to get them mounted – can easily be reproduced from a good quality photograph.

How fit do I need to be, will I be safe, who's responsible?

The level of fitness required depends on the locations and length of trips. Some trips may require no walking at all and others may require covering 2-5km of river in a day. The terrain and conditions are also a factor, but quality boots and if necessary rain gear is supplied.


When making a booking we will enquire about your fitness, any medical conditions or injuries and plan accordingly. We hold current NZ First Aid certificates, carry a first aid kit, cell phones, emergency locator beacons for wilderness trips and operate under an up to date Health and Safety Plan.

Personal Liability

While we take every practical precaution Riverstone Fly Fishing Guides accept no liability for any injuries, medical conditions, losses or claims of any kind or nature during the guided trip. We recommend all international travelers have suitable travel insurance.

Fishing Gear, Clothing And Food

Do I need a fishing licence or land access concession and how do I get one?
Fishing Licences

Fishing licences can be purchased online from either the Department of Conservation (DOC) who manage the Taupo fishery or Fish and Game NZ, who are responsible for all fisheries outside the Taupo District.

The type of license you require depends on where we are fishing and what your other fishing plans may be throughout NZ. As the weather and river conditions may change rapidly, please check with your guide when we make contact the day before your trip about which license to purchase.. There are different licenses for NZ residents and non-residents.

Private And Crown Land Access

One of the great things that sets New Zealand fishing apart from much of the world is that public access rights are quite liberal and where access over private land is necessary, most land owners are happy to oblige at no cost. While Riverstone Fly Fishing Guides believe that in some cases land owners should be compensated for any costs incurred for access – such as fencing or road maintenance – we do not support the creation of private fisheries on public waters, and we do not pay for exclusive access.

DOC access concessions are not required for most waters and when required will be organized and paid for by Riverstone Fly Fishing Guides.

What is the weather like and what clothes and accessories do I need?
New Zealand’s Notoriously Changable Weather

New Zealand fishing weather is varied and extremely changeable, though we keep a close eye on conditions right up to the point of departure and make all decisions with your fishing success and safety as our priorities.

Clothing Strategy

A particular feature of the NZ climate is that conditions may change throughout the day, therefore we recommend a layered approach to the clothes you choose to wear and some thought with your choice of fabrics.

  • A light, and breathable mid layer or warmer version if cold and an outer (preferably breathable) shell waterproof layer.
  • Wool (merino especially) perform better in terms of heat retention when wet, dry quicker and breathe better than other fabrics.
  • In summer ‘wet wading’ is often more comfortable than wearing waders so polypropylene leggings with a pair of light nylon shorts over these work well.
Recommended Clothing And Accessories
  • Thermal gloves (supplied in winter)
  • Clothing i.e. merino wool or polypropylene top and leggings
  • Rainproof and breathable jacket
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Heavy socks
  • Polaroid sun glasses
  • Suntan lotion and bug spray
  • Personal medical supplies
  • Camera
  • Lunch

We do have some clothing including wet weather gear available, but we suggest you are likely to be more comfortable in your own gear which you will be more familiar with and fits better. If you require extra clothing or wet weather gear please discuss this the day prior to departure.

What fishing gear is included and what should I bring myself?
All fishing gear including wading boots and if necessary waders are is included and supplied by Riverstone Fly Fishing Guides. The gear required will depend on fly fishing spots and conditions, which we will discuss with you the day before your trip or if you wish when making your booking. If you have your own fishing gear you are welcome to bring this with you, though we suggest you discuss this with us prior to departure to check its suitability for the conditions. A detailed list of gear is included in the next FAQ below this one.
If I am bringing my own gear, what do you recommend?
Recommended Fly Fishing Gear
  • Fly-fishing rod – 5-weight to 8-weight
  • Breathable waders along with rubber-soled wading boots (felt-soled boots are not permitted in NZ)
  • Floating line – weight forward and in summer dull colour
  • Sinking line – fast sinking tip 150-250 grams
  • Tippet 5-10lb fluorocarbon
  • Tapered leaders: 9ft 2x-3x
  • Dry Flies: Royal Wulff, CDC’s , Parachute Adams, Simulators
  • Nymphs: Tungsten bead-heads, Pheasant Tails, Cadillac’s, Stoneflies, Hare and Copper, Green or White Caddis
  • Scissors
  • Indicator material
  • Nylon and fluorocarbon
  • Fishing net
  • Backpack or fishing vest
  • Pliers
  • Dry fly flotant (summer)
  • Fishing licence
Are food and drinks included or available?
Food, Water And Gourmet Lunches

Food and water are not included but lunches are available upon request. Gourmet lunches prepared by a former chef at Taupo’s award winning Bistro Restaurant are available at a cost of $50 p/p for bookings more than 3 days in advance of departure. In summer we supply a complimentary cold beer at the end of the day and on cold winter mornings a warm drink.

Multi Day Trips And Camp Outs

For multi-day trips a range of options are available and these can be discussed when arranging your trip. Campout trips can include all meals, water, tea, and coffee – please bring any extra beverages.

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How To Book And Pay

Please fill out and submit the booking request form. We will reply to confirm availability and we will hold the booking for 7 days until we receive a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. Please pay by direct bank credit or use your PayPal account, Visa or Mastercard to pay using the PayPal button

Need More Information?

If you are unsure of your best options, which dates to book or looking to plan a multiday itinerary, we welcome a telephone call or email to discuss your needs. For information about what to expect during your trip and other important details, please check out our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions.

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