Finally river levels had receded enough to do some proper back country fishing. We hit a river around lunch time and Jeremy had a fantastic day hooking 16 good sized trout – a mixture of browns and Rainbows averaging 3 and half pounds. There were even a few small ones that I didn’t count.

Managed to have a brief flick myself for 5 minutes while Jeremy rested and one time and hooked two in a spot I have never normally even bothered with.

The fishing had to be described as pretty darn hot – 16 not counting mine or small ones hooked for an afternoons fishing!

Am back guiding a few past regulars now and am really looked to the next trip with Philip Norman on Feb 17 where we a heli fishing and camping out for 3 nights and 4 days of hopefully fantastic sight fishing!

Fishing Data

Time of recordings
Barometer (hPa)
Tongariro River
Flow (Cumecs)
Water Temperature(Degrees Celcius)
Tauranga-Taupo River
Height (meters above reference)
Water Temperature(Degrees Celcius)