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Went out fishing with my friend Justin Smith and – his friend Tony – from down the road who runs a charter boat out of Oakura Bay Northland today. Had a great day – landed a 27 pound Yellowtail kingfish within 15 minutes of leaving the shore as well as a few Kahawai and then headed out to probably New Zealands hottest marlin spot at the moment – a further 10 minutes in the boat. By the time we got there the VHF was going nuts with hookups happening every few minutes out there and 9 fish allready landed for the morning. We put our lures out and within 10 minutes saw our first marlin tailing on the surface about 20 minutes from the boat on the port side – it looked huge and was probably a big blue. About 10 minutes later one of lures had a hit and sure enough a marlin appeared behind my Pacific Lumo lure – probably a stripie as was considerably smaller than the other one. I eased the drag and dropped the lure back to the fish – a technique someone had suggested I try – and the fish grabbed it and took off. By the time we had cleared the rest of the gear and put the harness on the fish had a few hundred meters of line out. I increased the drag to the strike position — and nothing – it came off! On bringing the line in we found the lure gone as the beak had abbrased and sliced through the 300 pound leader just below the lure – my favourite lure. Later on in the day we had another brief hookup from a fish that we never saw on the Zuker ZM5.5 purple and black. We went over a couple of bait balls and picked up a few skippies on the way. On Sunday, 26 marlin were weighed in at Tutukaka – the Majority of these taken at the Kumara Patch off the Poor Nights and out of Home Point where we were fishing today. I heard that a further 50 were dropped. Am expecting a couple of days of strong winds before it becomes fishable again. I intend to make the most of the Marlin over the next week or so before I return down South to the trout.

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