With 4 x 4 or helicopter access into wilderness rivers and streams you can sight and stalk large wild rainbows and browns averaging 4 - 6 pounds with trophies not uncommon.  Some of the best fishing however, where the trophies reside, are areas designated as "Wilderness Zones" and are prohibited to helicopters so serious anglers wishing to fish these areas must be prepared to hike in and camp over night.  The walk in is not too physically demanding (normally) but can take anywhere from 1 to 8 hours.  Generally the further you walk into these wilderness zones, the fewer the fish but the bigger they are.  In these areas the fish rarely have human company and will often travel great distances to take almost any fly, but caution must be used when stalking them as these rivers are gin clear, and you must see them before they see you.

Fly fishing in New Zealands back country streams which are normally less than an hours drive away and boast quite good populations of smaller trout in the range 2-5 pounds average and can provide for a fantastic days fishing with plenty of action.

When chasing trophies (trout over the magic 10 pound mark) the Central North Island also boasts some fantastic high country lakes full of fast growing trout.  These high country lakes are insect based and are best suited to variations of nymph and dry fly fishing.  Stalking the edges, boat fishing or float tubing are all common ways of targeting the large beasts that reside in these lakes.

Tributaries of Lake Taupo are another option for anglers chasing trophy browns.  These fish require patience and a lot of skill.  When stalking up certain rivers from late January onwards one can expect to come across in excess of 50 browns resting behind willows and in the open along the rivers edge.  These fish average 6 - 8 pounds with plenty of double figures among them.  Some just colossal - approaching 20 pounds or more but are very rarely caught.

At the beginning of October when the wilderness streams are opened the fish will often chase a nymph several feet away in our gin clear wilderness rivers but little dry fly action occurs.  The dry fly really starts to come on in late November but is best around Jan/Feb when terrestrials like cicadas are snapped up greedily.  The Wilderness Rivers and backcountry streams stay open until the end of June..

Back Country Streams And Rivers

The Central North Island of New Zealand around Taupo boast numerous heavily trout laden rivers and streams that are easily accessibly for a days fishing by driving from Taupo or Turangi.  During the course of the season we will switch techniques between dry-fly and nymphing depending normally upon the weather.  During the peak of the day often when a hatch is occurring there can be nothing better.  The back country streams and rivers are abundant in trout are a great place for beginners to learn to fish, and also a great place for experts to save fantastic fun.

Spring Creeks

In and around Taupo are numerous spring creeks.  These are crystal clear spring fed waterways that normally seem to hold brown trout.  Because of the clarity of the water, these fish are a real challenge and do require a great deal of skill in presenting the right fly in the right place without being seen first.  Normally during the course of a day you will come across plenty of free rising beautiful brownies however in these challenging conditions, hooking and landing them is not a forgone conclusion!

Helicopter wilderness fly-ins

For those who are willing then for around $1000 - $1500 a helicopter can be hired to fly you and your guide into the remote wilderness interior of New Zealand.  This is where the best, clearest water is and often the biggest, wildest, and wiliest trout.  These tranquil, serene untouched surroundings are worth the trip alone and really the trout are just an overwhelming bonus.

Wilderness camp outs

For those who truly enjoy the great outdoors and wish for something a little wilder then we offer campouts into the designated wilderness areas.  Some of these areas are can only be accessed by foot has helicopters are even prohibited.  Alas there are no such things as wild grizzly bears or snakes in New Zealand, the only wild animals other than birds that you are likely to see are deer, boar, and possums.