Turangi, Lake Taupo, North Island Tongariro National Park

Anglers Anonymous operates out of Taupo and Turangi through which the mighty Tongariro river flows.

Being major tourist destinations and not far from National park both Turangi and Taupo offer up an extensive range of activities in addition to fly fishing.

  • Thermal pools
  • Shopping
  • Sight seeing from boats
  • Skiing in National Park on Mount Ruapehu
  • Fly fishing
  • Tongariro Crossing - an 8 hour world famous hike across Tongariro mountain and through some absolutely amazing geology
  • Horse Riding
  • Parachuting
  • Walking through the "Craters of the Moon" geothermal activity area (scenic sight seeing)
  • Golf on one of many acclaimed courses
Turangi Taupo

Taupo is about 3 hours from Auckland by road and Turangi an extra 40 minutes.  Coming from Wellington Turangi is about 4 hours and Taupo an additional 40 minutes.  Rotorua is an hour from Taupo and an extra 40 minutes to Turangi.  By air from Auckland to Taupo is around 45 minutes and an hour from Wellington.  We offer free pick-up and drop off from Taupo airport.

To find us use the following road map with your start destination as wherever in New Zealand you are coming from and Ruapehu Street as your ending destination in Taupo or Taupehi Road as your ending destination for Turangi.

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