Wilderness Camp Outs And On Tour Fly Fishing

(October - April) Fish your way up a river, catch a few trout and as evening approaches sit by the camp fire enjoying New Zealand's lush green native bush.  Enjoy a simple meal cooked by the fire that will taste better than any restaurant could have made and talk about the days fishing with your friends and guide.

I love wilderness campouts!  There are no snakes in New Zealand, no bears, in fact nothing that can cause any harm.  Our bush/forests are breathtaking and I love being there whether I am hunting or fishing, to be honest hunting and fishing are just my excuses to be out there.

At AA we provide all the equipment you will need including lightweight tents, lightweight high quality down sleeping bags, back-packs, cooking & safety equipment, GPS's, etc.  We know the areas well and know which tracks to take, which shortcuts to take, and which flies to use.

Our wilderness campout adventures start at 3 days for $2500 and each subsequent day is an extra $800.  This is a package price for up to two persons and includes all food, camping equipment, sleeping bags, tents, safety equipment and everything else needed for a great, safe trip into the New Zealand outdoors.  Each extra person past the first two is an extra $100/day.

If you enjoy deer stalking (hunting) then I am happy to take you while we are in the bush.  AA has all the hunting equipment necessary for this including rifle and blaze orange clothing for safety - you will not need a New Zealand firearms license when accompanied by someone who has one.  I will deal with the animal should you be lucky enough to shoot one!  Nothing like venison back steaks cooked in the bush.

AA's wilderness campout fly fishing adventures normally involve considerable walking and require a good level of fitness.  If this is not you but you would still like to experience the same things then see our heli-fishing page or our "On Tour" fishing below.  Our heli-fishing adventures offer the same type of surroundings but without all the walking.

Camp Out Fly Fishing In New Zealand's WildernessOur on tour adventures offer you the chance to fish different parts of the Central North Island of New Zealand, ranging from the east coast to the west.  We stay at a variety of places from motels and lodges to in tents and huts and the level of accommodation is up to you.  Every day or two we move to a new river for something different, in a month you  needn't fish the same water twice.  Our on tour rates start are $780/day + food and accommodation.  We have numerous accommodation options ranging from staying in a tent to B & B's, backpackers, and 5 star.  Contact us with your budget and timeframe and your wish list and we will put together a customized package for you, or just book ahead with us and we'll play it by ear day to day.

When camping out in the New Zealand bush with us please bring the following for each persons.  This is a complete list and it is important not to bring anything else!  Weight is an issue both for helicopters and for whoever is carrying the pack.  When heli-ing in on the first day we will typically get the heli to drop the gear up river at a camp site and then drop us down river to begin fishing.  I will be carrying normal guiding lunches including fruit water etc as well as safety/emergency/navigation equipment in the unlikely event that we were to be unable to reach the camp due to injury or flood.  If the campsite is at a fork in the river then we will be able to stay 2 nights and fish new water each day hence we can pretty much take as much food and drink etc as the heli will carry.  Please let us know if you wish to bring anything else or require us to do so.  These trips do require a little planning and we need to consider both the weight and volume of any extra items.

You provide (this will get packed into a lightweight high quality backpack provided by us):

  • 2 complete sets (long pants and long sleeved shirt) of preferably Marino or secondly polypropylene thermal underwear.  Marino doesn't seem to smell as bad after a day or two unlike polypropylene
  • 1 warm fleece jumper (polar fleece type material)
  • 1 warm fleece pants (polar fleece type material)
  • 1 set of socks and 1 set of underpants for each night to be spent in the bush
  • 1 toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • 1 pair of very lightweight beach type shoes - camp slippers - to wear around the camp site after fishing and when not in the tent or cabin
  • Any alcoholic drinks - suggest buying through duty free when entering the country.  Depending on your fitness level you may be able to carry this in your pack but also this can be dropped at heli landing points i.e. could be dropped with packs at first nights camp before heli drops us down river.  Suggest draining out of glass bottles and putting in plastic bottles
  • Any medications you require
  • If the heli is dropping equipment and food and drink at a camp site then you can bring in pretty much any food and drink that can last a day or two without refrigeration to be consumed at that camp site.  If we are then moving up river it is best not to be carrying this in your pack unless you feel you are able to and really want to.

In addition to this on the first day please wear lightweight cotton pants and long sleeved shirt - suggest the Columbia quick drying products, a wide brimmed hat, Polaroid fishing sun glasses, socks and underwear.

We provide:

  • High quality lightweight tents
  • Small mattresses
  • Metal knife, metal spoon, metal fork, plastic desert plate, plastic cup
  • Plastic water bottles filled with water from town supply for first day and then to be refilled though filter from river afterwards
  • Small gas cooker and gas cylinders
  • Billy for boiling water
  • Water filter
  • Lighters and waterproof matches as well as tire rubber and candles to help start fires
  • 406MHz EPIRB (satellite emergency locating beacon)
  • Compass
  • Tape
  • Rope
  • Sharp pocket knife with can/bottle openers
  • High quality light weight down sleeping bags with silk sack sleeping bag liner
  • All food and tea coffee etc
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Sun Block
  • Insect Repellant
  • Paracetemol, polarimine (antihistamine for hay fever and also helps sleep), plasters, bandage, needle
  • Waders and Simms Aquastealth wading boots
  • Breathable waterproof wading jacket
  • All flies, rods, tackle etc
  • LED head lamps and spare batteries for night
  • 10 Mega Pixel charged waterproof digital camera with 1 GB card
  • Cell Phone - though out of range mostly can sometimes climb to top of Ridge and get reception

You Carry In Lightweight Pack Provided By Us:

  • Everything in the "You Provide" list above - some alcohol and food will not need to be carried when dropped at camp by helicopter
  • Your lightweight sleeping bag and silk sack (sleeping bag liner) provided by us
  • Your sleeping mattress provided by us
  • Your 1 liter plastic bottle of water
  • Fly rod reel and line

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